The pressure is on!

In four weeks time, the pressure is well and truly ON at DTD – for the first time ever we are hosting three back to back £1M events; WPT 500, The Devilfish Cup and the WPT Main Event.  Then we are straight over to Punta Cana for the $3M Caribbean Poker Party which includes the $1M WPT Caribbean, $2M partypoker Million and a special Day 1/Day 2 edition of the recently announced £5M MILLIONS.

Back to basics at the Club

At the Club, we have also pumped up our regular monthly events:

£50K Big Games 

£250K Deepstacks

£250K Grand Prix  

These will take some time to get off the ground as we do not have enough qualifiers in the system, but it is our intention to grow them by investing in grass roots to engage more players around the UK. In all three of these products we have improved the play, with Day 2s starting with approx 100 big blind averages also including Day 2 buy-in for the Big Game and Grand Prix at £550 and £2200 for the Deepstack. I am a big fan of combining bankrolls in poker tournaments supported by live and online promotions to give everyone the chance to participate. I am also a big fan of allowing flexibility for use of seats won both live and online, although this can be painful for us as we will miss GTEs until we have generated enough seats. Allowing this for the daily £550 flexible online sats is going to hurt us for sure in the short term, but we have now doubled these to 10 seats guaranteed per night.


Levelling the playing field at partypoker

There are also big changes at partypoker from October 5th as the site looks to develop a more level playing field for their cash games. Like most players that I have discussed this subject with, I am very much in support of these changes and I really like the balanced approach partypoker have taken of simply anonymising downloadable hand histories which helps prevent the data mining into HUDs and rogue third party databases without players knowledge or consent. Players will still be able to download their hands to review their play, use as a training tool and monitor their win/loss rates. I think this is a very good compromise and I love the fact that all players are going to be able to change their alias as a one –off, which will mean that all of the historical data mining on players will be effectively redundant should players take up this new alias option.



This £1M for 1st place event has been on the DTD back burner for the last 5 years, finally we are going to attempt it. You can read all the details on MILLIONS at but below are a few thoughts behind the tournament.

Rewarding Players who help us get MILLIONS off the ground:


We need a 6 month run up to have any chance of hitting £5M. As always, it will be very tough to get players to commit early to the event, so we will be adding money to the early Day 1s and Day 2s [not from the prizepool – this is simple added value for helping us out].

£550 Cash ( buy in back ) to the first 100 Day 1 players who make Day 2 at Dusk Till Dawn or on partypoker [the first Dusk Till Dawn Day 1 is 2nd Oct 2016 and on partypoker 4th Oct 2016]

$1500 Cash to all Day 2 players that make Day 3 of MILLIONS whilst in Punta Cana as part of the Caribbean Poker Party [23rd-25th Nov 2016]

€1000 Cash to all Day 2 players that make Day 3 at WPT Prague [5th-7th Dec 2016]

All these payments will be made on the day you play at the live venues and within 24 hrs into your online account.

I am well aware how hard a challenge this will be to get MILLIONS off the ground. Honestly, I am very confident we can hit £5M in April because we have tremendous support from our partners. How much would I love us to manage to get this MILLIONS up and running early doors and then announce we are doubling the GTE to £10M –  hmmmm, I would love this a lot but its just a pipe dream at the moment. However, we did double the CPP GTE, and we never expected to be able to do so, so nothing is impossible.

Smoother Payout:

When we did Wembley with €1M 1st place it had a €3M prizepool, we felt that we need a smooth final table payout with no deals as its important for the integrity of the event that a player actually walks away a millionaire, so we took the decision to guarantee the prizepool at £5M [estimate to make the GTE is 8,000 Day 1 entries at £550 and 200 Day 2 entries at £5300]

Online Day 1s:

I am not sure how often these will run and how well the £550 buy in back cash bonus will motivate players. We have added a ‘test the water Online Day 1’ on Tue 4th October, what I do know is that we need to make the Online Day 1s as cheap as possible to access if they are to be successful. The CPP Tree has worked very well, so I think in order to develop the Online Day 1s for MILLIONS to reach bigger numbers, a similar CPP style structure of $5, $22 Feeders into $109 Phase 1s into £550 Day 1 would support these.

Live Locations Day 1s and Day 2s:

At Dusk Till Dawn, we will run Live Day 1s on the Sundays of our Deepstacks and Grand Prix. We also plan to run Live £550 Day 1s at our 8 UK partner casinos in 2017: Milton Keynes, Brighton, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff. Outside of the UK, as well as the confirmed Live Day 1s and Live Day 2s in the CPP and WPT Prague, we hope to add more countries shortly. We are also speaking to the The World Poker Tour to become our official MILLIONS live tour partner. This makes a lot of sense with partypoker being the official Online Sponsor – all 3 of us can then support each other’s products, which has worked well over the last 18 months.

Live Day 2 and Day 3 Structure:

We will miss this £5M by miles if we don’t offer players plenty of play on Day 2 and Day 3, as we are relying on players travelling to Nottingham for Day 3, so we have adopted the Wembley format we created. We expect Day 1 players to end with an average stack of approx. 1M chips, so the blinds with start at 2.5K-5K on Day 2 [200BBs] with a 60 min clock. We expect 50% of Day 2 players to make Day 3, so an average stack of 2M chips, so blinds will start at 10K-20K [100BBs] and a 75 min clock.

Online Day 2 Option:

We will also offer an Online Day 2, for players who want to reduce their expenses, the clock will be 24 mins for this Online Day 2 [equiv. to 60 mins Live]

Cheers Rob




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