£100,000 Caribbean Last Longer for MILLIONS

The Caribbean Poker Party is in the home straight with 4 weeks of online satellites and partypoker $1M Leaderboards remaining. The support for the CPP has been nothing short of phenomenal, enabling us to double the guarantee to $2 Million on the partypoker Million with the confidence that we had already qualified $1 Million of players. Over the last few weeks we have moved from 5 packages to 10, and last night we increased to 20, with this week now increasing to 30, we would love to cap off a fine qualifying campaign by going to 40 with a finale of 50, that would be a $300K satellite!

I said to Simon a week ago that if we hit 20 packages last night that I wanted to do something special for all of the players who have supported this CPP and also supported DTD and partypoker over the last 18 months. Our 18 months with partypoker has seen them support many DTD projects that we would not have been able to achieve on our own, so I see this CPP not only as a celebration of DTD’s 10th year anniversary, but also an opportunity to have a few beers with the partypoker staff and the players that have supported us. Looking down the list of CPP qualifiers, there is a large DTD representation, many are amongst our most loyal customers from the start, but qualifiers are also spread across 28 different countries so partypoker have managed to reach out globally and engage a wide audience of players.


Back to the “How to say thanks for supporting the CPP”…. well, as the curtain comes down on the CPP campaign, MILLIONS starts in earnest. After some deliberation with Simon about how we could achieve this, we now ensure that all players who make day 4 of MILLIONS are guaranteed a min cash of £5000. In order to do this without altering the prizepool too much and maintaining the £1M 1st prize, we have added £1,000,000 to the prizepool to make it an outstanding $6,000,000 guarantee! View the revised sample payout here.

On November 25th at the CPP in Punta Cana we host the inaugural MILLIONS Day 2. Players can either buy-in directly to Day 2 for £5300 or use their Day 1 stack from the Tuesday Online Day 1s on partypoker or the Live Day 1s at Dusk Till Dawn or at the CPP before the Day 2 [I am a massive fan of ‘play your Day 1 and choose where you play you Day 2, the more flexibility for players – the better IMO].

We have already announced that all players that make Day 3 in Punta Cana will receive a $1500 cash bonus paid after the Day 2 finishes to help with travel and expenses to Dusk Till Dawn, however every player who makes Day 3 in the Punta Cana Day 2 will now also qualify for a £100,000 Cash Last Longer at MILLIONS at Dusk Till Dawn in April [yes, this is shameless copy of the Paddy Power Irish Open €100,000 Sole Survivor but hey – we have been copied enough times over the last 10 years and I loved what Paddy Power did here for the players – so I have no shame].



Now before you start saying what a nice bunch we are for adding another £100,000 of value to MILLIONS [ahem, as well as the £550 cash bonuses for first 100 players to make Day 2 through the partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn Day 1s], I want to be honest, we have been well under budget – £100,000 ish [well thus far we are under!] for the cost of qualifying players for the CPP – and that’s thanks to your support [I now predict after announcing this we will do our coconuts on overlays for the next 4 weeks]. Anyway – it will be fun for all of us to track the players at Dusk Till Dawn and give the last man standing £100,000 [Richard Berridge must be the clear odds on favourite already! The luckbox that he is!].


Please can you do me a favour and spread the word – the DTD Team have done this nice banner which you could tweet or add to Facebook if you wanna help me out.


Below are the remaining MILLIONS Online Day 1s and Live Day 1s before 25th November Day 2 in Punta Cana.

To give you an idea, approx. 10% of Day 1 players should make Day 2, and then the slower structure kicks in on Day 2 and we expect 50% of players to make Day 3, bag the $1500 cash bonus and be eligible for the £100,000 Last Longer.

9pm Tuesday 18th October- MILLIONS Online Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

9pm Tuesday 25th October- MILLIONS Online Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

3pm Sunday 30th October- MILLIONS [DTD] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

9pm Tuesday 1st November- MILLIONS Online Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

3pm Sunday 6th November- MILLIONS [DTD] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

9pm Tuesday 8th November- MILLIONS Online Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

3pm Sunday 13th November- MILLIONS [DTD] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

7pm Wednesday 23rd November- MILLIONS [Punta Cana] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

2pm Thursday 24th November- MILLIONS [Punta Cana] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

7pm Thursday 24th November- MILLIONS [Punta Cana] Day 1: £6M [1st £1M]

2pm Friday 25th November- MILLIONS [Punta Cana] Day 2: £6M [1st £1M]


See you in Punta Cana [with Taffy – if he gets past customs!!!!]

Here is the link for all the information on the £6M [1st £1M] first edition of MILLIONS.


Cheers Rob



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