The Online Grand Prix has returned to partypoker

The Online Grand Prix has returned to partypoker, and this week we see the majority of the Day 1s taking place, culminating in the Day 2 (Final Day) at 8pm on Monday 6th June.  Given we hit the $300k Guarantee last month, this month’s is $400,000 and we’ll continue to increase it by $100,000 every […]

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Pure Poker or Old Fashioned Poker?

Today, partypoker are experimenting with “Pure Poker Wednesdays”. All $5.50, $22 and $109 MTTs are Freezeouts, including the $50K Uppercut, $20K Contender and $10K Jab and will use the WPT Main Event structure – which I consider to be the best MTT structure; 30,000 chips, starting at 50-100, with 25 antes kicking in at Level […]

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partypoker’s Powerfest: behind the scenes

This Sunday, partypoker will guarantee more in one single day than the site guaranteed in a full week  6 months ago – including $950,000 in 4 of their headline events; 17:00 Powerfest #83 $100K Gtd $109 buy-in 19:00 Powerfest #84 $500K Gtd $215 buy-in 19:00 Powerfest #87  $100K Gtd $530 buy-in 20:00 Powerfest #88 $250K Gtd $530 buy-in […]

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Online Poker: Rise of the Machines

In September, partypoker announced a plan to make changes {partypoker blog} to their poker platform that would impact the use of third party software tools such as HUDs, seating scripts and hand history databases. This week, partypoker will disable the traditional waiting lists that we see in online poker rooms today. If a cash game […]

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